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Our neighborhood… an enchanting journey through eras, civilizations and majestic nature.

Ancient marvels, mystic medieval settings, adventurous Venetians, folk rituals and modern vibes come together and come alive in this site of the old and the new. Plaka is the heart of the island and the most captivating area to stay. Explore a labyrinth of winding alleys, meant to bewilder pirate raiders, discover old picturesque churches from as far back as the 13th century and experience sublime sunsets. Character, culture and style come together in the town’s vibrant tiled streets. Boutique shops, inviting restaurants, small cafes and live music in quaint little corners conjure up vibes and a joie de vivre.

Tripiti and its amphitheater built on the ruins of the ancient Klima settlement, overlook the seascape of Milos Bay. Trekking paths cross civilizations and rural beauty, passing through the Ancient Theater, the early-Christian Catacombs – second only in significance to the ones in Rome – the colorful Klima and mystical white chapels, leading to the shimmering sandy beach of Plathiena.

Beyond, many wonders of the Melian landscape can be appreciated. The spectacular lava formatted Sarakiniko with its narrow blue bay, the natural harbor town of Adamas, the unique ‘syrmata’ and beaches of Mandrakia, Fyropotamos and Mytakas, are all within a 10min drive.

Sensational views

breathless beauty, inconspicuously hidden in the side alleys

Steeped in history

miraculous place, timeless values


not magnitude, not lavishness but forms, harmony and the site... Herman Melville


an astonishing spectacle of colour and form


where all senses unite


crafted by man and nature

Natural carvings

eroded by time, wind and salt


I collect my tools: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, intellect. Night has fallen...Nikos Kazantzakis